Success! Now What?


You’re Trickstarter Project was a success!

Our credit card processor takes appproximately three days to process the payments from your backers. We then transfer your funds (minus the fees) to you via paypal. We are not responsible for fees charged by paypal.

Below is a basic tutorial on what to do next, PLEASE read it THOROUGHLY before contacting us for help! is a service we offer, and not a “profitable” website and we appreciate your help keeping our time and costs down for the site!

Before we start, here are a few tools you’ll need:

The ability to open a “zip” (compressed) file

An application that can open a “zip” file.  You can search (google) “free zip extractor”, download and install one or you can get winzip here:

You will also need to be able to open a spreadsheet file.

If you don’t have a spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel) you can get “open office” for free. (I highly recommend it!)
Or you can use google sheets. Links for both are below:

Open Office:

Google Sheets

If you don’t know how to use a spreadsheet program there are MANY beginner tutorials online.
(unfortunately lessons in using a spreadsheet are beyond the scope of what we can provide here)

Here’s what you do now:

Log in and go to your “Dashboard”. Click on the “My Projects” tab.

Hover your mouse over your project and click on the far right icon, (export orders), its a box with an arrow in it.

You may see more than one file available to download… IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD ALL FILES! (see below regarding multiple files)

Unzip the file(s) and then open the “CSV” files in your spreadsheet program.

Open the file in your spreadsheet program, it SHOULD ask you to select a “delimiter” be sure to select “comma” and uncheck the other boxes.

The file will have all of your transactions. You will see mailing addresses, amount paid, and more.  (Much of the information in the file won’t be used or needed.)

Under the “Price” column, you will see how much the backer paid. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEIR CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED.

If their charge was declined you will get an email with a list of backers that have NOT paid.
If you send product to someone who hasn’t paid, we cannot be responsible.

You MUST compare the total amount raised with the report sent to you from Trickstarter.

It should balance out.

Once you have the spreadsheet open and you know who’s “paid” you can use the information in the spreadsheet to ship your products to your backers!


Q: What do I do if a backer’s payment was declined?
We will attempt to process the payment multiple times and contact the backer. We cannot force anyone to pay after backing a project. We’ll inform you of any information we receive from the backer.

Q: What do I do if I have more than one “CSV” downloaded?

Open ALL files you get and compare them, making sure that ALL transactions are accounted for. Here’s an example:

In your spreadsheet, there is a column named “id”. (The first column to the far left)
Each transaction has an i.d. number and these should be in order, increasing by one with each row. (backer)
Look through the numbers and see if any are “missing”.
For example, one of my reports shows i.d. numbers from 110 to 205. but the numbers 158 through 163 are “missing”
I have TWO CSV files from this particular project, and when I open the second one, it has the transactions 158-163.

You can “work” from both files or you can cut and paste the contents of one into the other so that they are all in the same file.

Q: What do i do if the backer was supposed to add shipping or additional funds (such as for add ons etc) but didn’t?
The spreadsheet has their email address. Contact them and have them send the funds to you directly.