Tortoise Trio

A remake of the lost trick Turtle Trio.

Randi Close Up Magic May 3, 2018 at 2:02 pm
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In 1976, a now defunct Japanese magic trick company, a rival of Tenyo, called Trick Co., had a catalog of magic, and their number one product was a little gem called Turtle Trio.

Today, Trick Co. magic tricks have become a rarity and go for a hefty price. Even detailed information about the company is hard to find. At least in English.

So, in a world where everything old is new again, there is no reason for this little beauty not to be brought back from extinction. It uses classic methods. Easy to do. Sure fire enjoyment. They’re just tortoises now, not turtles.

Tortoise Trio

So what is this trick?

There are three different color tortoises. While the magician’s back is turned, the spectator picks a tortoise and puts it in the box, places the lid on, and hides the other two tortoises in their hands. When the magician turns back around, they claim they can tell which color is in the box. It’s at this time the magician pulls out a tube and begins to look through it at the box. A few mimed adjustments on the tube, the magician looks again. At this point, the magician puts down the tube and correctly names the right color. The tube, the box, the lid, the tortoises, all can be examined, and nothing adjusts on the tube. It was all a red herring.

I have recreated this wonderful little trick. I’ve made some improvements, changed the color scheme, and brought it back to life. This time around, I’m not going to give anyone a chance to correct me and tell me that they are actually tortoises, not turtles. So a name change as well.

The molds to make the pieces are finished. Everything is ready to be manufactured, all is needed is the funds. This is where you come in. Please choose to back this project. Choose US resident or International resident, you’ll be getting a deal with either one, because the price will go up after this campaign has closed.

tortoise trio

5 thoughts on “Tortoise Trio

  1. gary huston

    i pledged $45 here but you have on website at $25 whilst i realise postage extra it seems item cheaper on your web site than indiegogo
    Explain please

    1. Randi

      Very simple explanation… If you was to buy it on my site, you would pay $25 for the item, and $14 for the shipping. So the total would be $39, and you would also NOT get the collectors box it comes in, or the printed instructions, and it wouldn’t be signed and numbered. What you would get is just the actual trick in a plastic bag and online instructions only. So, the extra $6 you paid goes towards the extras that the collectors addition provides.

    2. Solano

      Hey Gary, First, just to be sure everyone understands how crowdfunding works, although this is my site, this project isn’t. So any questions or comments are for the project creator. I’m only answering this question to offer a little information.
      Second, I’m not aware of this project being on indigogo, but if it is you should probably ask your qestion there.
      Re. price: Having shipped out thousands of producs myself, I can tell you that shipping internationally is easily $15, and the with weight of “tortoise trio” is might actually be more like $20-$25. (I received mine a couple of days ago)
      Aside from that, (and I’ll let Randi answer this officially) I believe that the trickstarter version of this trick is a “special edition” of sorts, it comes in a very nice box that was expensive to have made in such low quantities. I know where she got the boxes made and how much they cost (as I’ve used the same company before) and even if it is the lowest priced shipping to international, you may have paid $5 more.
      When it comes to manufacturing a product, initial runs can be MUCH more expensive per unit until you get all of the initial costs (set up, molds, dies, etc) Once a product has gone through its initial stages, the per piece cost can go WAY down.
      Crowdfunding exists for exactly these reasons. We support a project for two reasons, to help launch it, and to get one before anyone else.
      I’m not saying that HAS to be your reason for supporting it of course, but that’s a common reason.
      I know that the cost of the very nice packaging for this most likely put the creator at a “break even” point.
      If Randi has this listed at a slightly lower price on her site, it’s not uncommon, as now that she’s got it funded, and paid for all of the initial costs, she can afford to offer it for a little less per unit. You see these kind of price drops in retail all the time.
      After talking with Randi, I’m pretty sure the product won’t be coming so nicely packaged. If you paid a slightly higher price, according to my math, it MAYBE is about $5 at the most.
      I may be speaking out of turn, and I hope not but I hope I might help everyone understand.
      Thanks again for supporting trickstarter!

  2. Solano

    I started typing my reply BEFORE Randi answered, sorry for the redundancy!
    I stopped to make breakfast and then hit “submit!”
    Thanks Randi for a nice product and I’m really glad I grabbed on in the nicer box!
    Its a fun trick, and you were right, it will make a nice addition to my “collection”.
    Congrats, job well done!

  3. Ron Hudspeth

    Proud Owner of #11. Interesting timing as I am addressing members of the local Turtle Watch and Rescue group at a luncheon on Saturday and will have to work this into the presentation. Green Good, Blue Bad, Yellow… Meh (LOL)


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