Ribbon Cards

The Comedy Stage Version of the 52-on-One Card Trick with a Surprise Magical Finish

Greg Parlor September 12, 2018 at 10:50 am
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The 52 cards-on-one trick has been around a long time. It’s often presented as a quick throw-away gag. Turn over the prediction and every card in the deck is printed on it. There’s your card. Ha ha.

But the trick has an inherent problem.

I’ve noticed that when the card is turned over, there is an awkward pause as the spectators try to figure out what they’re looking at. This is especially noticeable with stage presentations. Sure the card is bigger, but there is still that awkward pause which stifles and dilutes the reaction. A card revelation should be easily recognized.

I’ve developed a version of the trick which eliminates that pause and replaces it with an instant visual revelation of the gag, with a magical follow-up.

Here’s the setup… A colorful bag with a question mark is on display throughout your show. Perhaps attached to a clip on the front of your table, or on a rope hanging from the ceiling.

A card is selected and placed in full view. At this point you explain that inside the bag is your prediction. Upon opening it the back of large card is seen and pulled half-way out. Repeat the name of the chosen card, then slide it out. It’s the wrong card. Try again, wrong again. Getting frantic, start pulling out cards and dropping them to the floor while looking for the chosen card. Finally pull the gimmicked card to reveal a cascade of cards unfolding from the bottom, attached by a ribbon. The movement of the cards as they unfold creates visual excitement, then laughter as the audience immediately gets the gag. As the reaction dies down, ask if they see one they like. Keep looking frantically thru the hanging cards trying to find the chosen one. Uh oh, it’s not there. Lots of opportunities for comedic reactions and apologies for the “failed“ trick.

Now pause, direct attention to the top of the ribbon, and the top jumbo card flips over to reveal the correct prediction. It worked!

  • The only skill needed is the ability to force a card.
  • The cards are custom laser cut from thick glossy card stock for durability.
  • With each purchase I include a link to a free ebook with some basic card forces.
  • A deck of cards, the loose cards, gimmicked ribbon cards, and the bag are the only props used.
  • Everything fits inside the bag and can be folded flat so it takes up very little space in your show case.
  • It resets quickly & easily.
  • Can be done surrounded.
  • Only number cards are used for the revelation for easier recognition.
  • It’s great for small platform shows, street performing, or large stage shows.
  • International shipping charges will be determined upon ordering.

This is a useful prop with plenty of opportunities to add your own unique presentation and character to the performance!

One thought on “Ribbon Cards

  1. Greg

    The Ribbon Cards Trickstarter Campaign has started! I’ve done my research and am ready to order parts and begin assembly when the campaign has finished.

    Watch the video and you’ll see just how funny this routine could be. Add your own character and performing style, plenty of opportunities for additional comedy and suspense. Stay tuned to the end of the video for a free bonus gag you can make yourself. The kids love this prop!


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