An old principle re-invented for the performing magician.

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If you’re interested in more than one deck, PLEASE read the “add ons” section below!

(The Quirk Deck):

Quirk is a trick deck that utilizes one of the greatest principles in card magic, re-structured to become a PRACTICAL tool that can stand up to real world performing situations!

  • Handle and show the deck in natural, inconspicuous ways
  • Have a card selected in ways that are straight forward, clean, fair and without suspicion.
  • The Spectator can FREELY cut the deck from ANY direction and cut to the card YOU want them to!
  • Comes with THREE fully developed, professional routines, AND the “extras” needed for those routines.
  • Includes detailed, video instructions for each effect, as well as handling tips to make using Quirk even STRONGER!

The effects:

Quirk is a “utility” deck that can be used in endless ways, allowing incredibly “fair” handling of the deck by you AND the spectator. Along with handling instructions and tips, THREE fully explained, professional routines are included:

NOTE: The videos for MIMIC and P.O.P. are being RE-SHOT at the moment, please check back later this week for more, however, for the time being, the explanations should cover what they’re all about!


Spectator selects a card, it’s lost in the deck and the spectator begins eliminating stacks of cards, single cards, making FREE choices along the way until they’re down to ONE card. The end result is that the spectator finds THEIR OWN card under impossible conditions.


A “hands off” version of the classic plot “Do As I Do” with a twist. The deck is cut into two stacks, and two spectators each just “peek” at a card without removing it from their half. They switch decks and begin mixing the cards trying to “mimic” each other’s movements. Finally they EACH freely cut their decks and find EACH other’s cards!


One of the all time GREAT stage card effects, “The Tossed Out Deck” gets a face lift!
As with the original classic, the deck is passed out to THREE spectators, (can be done with four) and each of them just peeks at a card and thinks of it. Without touching the cards you name THREE cards out loud asking them to sit if they heard their card. All three immediately sit down! P.O.P. can be done on stage OR close up! In other words its TOTALLY okay if the spectators talk about the trick afterwards. AND… you take it a step further and tell each spectator exactly who was thinking of which card!

WHITTLE: A Reputation Maker!

Doing magic for magicians can be fun, however, what COUNTS is how it impacts real audiences and spectator.

Originally I was going to market this as ONE trick, because on it’s OWN, the “Whittle” routine is strong enough to stand alone!

Whittle has become my new closer in my show, replacing my personal favorite which I’ve been closing my show with for well over a decade!

From the first time I performed it in the show, the patrons at my theater couldn’t say enough about how it was one of their favorite effects of the night!

Whittle will become something people remember and talk about for a long time to come!  -Cosmo Solano

Please note: this is a “pre-order” campaign! Which means you DO NOT have to wait for the campaign to end, for us to ship Quirk to you! All we ask is that you give us two weeks (or less) to get the decks assembled, packaged and in the mail to you.

You will get TRACKING information automatically, if you don’t get the tracking email, PLEASE check your SPAM folder!


If you’d like to order more than one deck PLEASE do the following:

1. Select the proper “tier” based on your country.
3. CHANGE the total as shown below per deck. this will ALSO cover the increase in shipping charges.

  • FOR THE U.S. Add $27 per deck
  • FOR CANADA Add $ $31 per deck
  • FOR ALL OTHER COUNTRIES Add $33 per deck

4. AFTER changing the total, click next and proceed to check out as usual.

Remember to give us TWO WEEKS to ship the deck(s) to you!


One thought on “Quirk!

  1. Dan

    I can see Whittle performed using a married or engaged couple. One picks the card, the other finds the card. One patter idea could be about how to determine if they are soul mates.


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