Cubed Card

Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects using a Single Business Sized Card!

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Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects with a Single Business Sized Card!


New from Catanzarito Magic comes “Cubed Card” – a single business sized card you can carry with you at all times and be prepared to perform 5 amazing magic effects at any time!  Cubed card contains the images of 48 dice (24 on each side) and you can get 10 full minutes of great effects!  One of the effects allows you the option to text your prediction to your spectator – after your performance you can send them a link to your website, facebook, etc and get more Gigs!  Hear what spectators have to say:

This is the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen!!!  – Brandon W

Absolutely Impossible!!! – Avery B

I am not going be able to sleep tonight!!! – Joe S

How???  I Love This!!! – Jordan R

Completely Blows My Mind!!! – Brooke B

Effect 1 (Mind Reading) – After showing your spectator that the rows on each side of the card add up to different sums the spectator is free to choose a row and add up the total – without asking any questions you are able to look into your spectators eyes and tell them what number they are thinking!

Effect 2 (Body Language) – Spectator rolls an imaginary dice and remembers the number on top.  You have your spectator answer “yes” to every number (1-6) when you ask them one by one if it is his/her number and you are able to determine when they told the truth and when they lied based on their body language and you can tell them exactly what their number was.

Effect 3 (Prediction) – You make a prediction (written, whispered to a spectator, or by texting to allow you to send your web info after the performance is over) of what dice a spectator will land on after a free choice of side, row, and how many to count over in that row.

Effect 4 (Spectator) – Train a spectator to reveal a completely free choice of any dice on the card.  You are able to train your spectator right in front of everyone without them knowing a thing!

Effect 5 (Spectator) – Train a spectator to know every dice in a freely selected row is odd or even.  This effect also allows you to train a spectator right in front of everyone without them knowing a thing!

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