Baby Bow – Pro Comedy Magic Routine

Classic comedy gags with a magical ending! A laugh-packed routine delivered with professional quality props.

Ryan Pilling Parlor June 13, 2017 at 6:46 pm
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Giving New Life to Classic Gags
With Top Quality Props.

Delivering Seven Reliable Laugh-Lines plus a Magical Finish!

What started as an idea to remove any possible “offensiveness” from the classic Baby Gag grew into a complete routine with more surprises and laughs than originally planned. I want to make this Packs-Flat-Plays-Big routine available for my fellow magicians along with a top-quality durable set of props that will last for years of real-life stage use.

Early-Bird Bonus! Check out the Baby Bow Bundle, available for the first 50 backers only, that includes Giant Cards, Close-Up Cards, and the Book for one great deal! Plus FREE GIFTS! (see below)

About The Routine

Four standard gag prediction cards, combined with an original gimmick, and more laughs worked into a complete performance-ready routine.

You may already be familiar with the No Gag, 52-on-1, and the Baby Gag (with variations) but you likely aren’t getting all the possible laughs from them!

Then, the rapid-fire string of laughs ends with a surprising magical finish and a natural applause cue. Win!

About The Props

Here’s where the magic of Trickstarter comes in! With the support of my fellow magicians I can have these made the right way. Top quality printing on stiff cardstock and UV-protected coating will create props that stand-up to the rigors of life on the road. The colours won’t fade, the cards don’t get floppy, and the gloss varnish makes it sweat-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Big stage-sized cards measuring 11 by 15 inches, with bold designs will play to the back of the room for solid laughs. Or get the “Itty-Bitty” close-up size with the same great designs, in small pocket-sized cards.

A similarly durable, show-worthy envelope that adds to the professional image while keeping the cards safe.

Plus, a professionally printed book that looks like a real book (not a magic prop) while still being gimmicked for a quick and easy force of a celebrity.

By hitting the funding target I can hire a professional illustrator, and print up enough sets to bring the cost down so we can all benefit from having an amazingly top-notch product.

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About Me

I’m Ryan Pilling, a magician (going on two decades) from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My specialty is stand-up stage shows with an emphasis on comedy and audience interaction. My book “Finding The Funny” is all about improvisation and getting the most out of your audience volunteers. So, obviously, I put a lot more emphasis on the entertainment of my show rather than trying to be a hardcore magician. I love simple stuff that makes an impact, and Baby Bow is right in line with that.

Before I made the jump to full-time magic guy I worked as a freelance graphic designer and in-house at a full service print shop. My experience creating and producing print design makes me just the right person for this project.

Baby Bow

  • Four giant sized prediction cards. (NO, 52-on-1, Baby, and Skeleton)
  • the Envelope of Mystery (carrying case and show display)
  • Magnetic Moving Bow gimmick

The (Dead) Celebrity Forcing Book

  • 8.5 x 11 inch paperback book, approximately 60 pages, in the style of a “Magic Coloring Book” to force one celebrity.
  • Full colour glossy cover, with black and white pages inside.

Itty-Bitty Baby Bow

  • Poker size cards for close-up and strolling (3.5 x 2.5 inches)
  • Four gag prediction cards (NO, 52-on-1, Baby, and Skeleton)
  • Envelope of Mystery
  • Extra bow piece (magnetic)

Free Gifts Added To The Baby Bow Bundle ($65 support level)

These bonus gifts are only available as part of the Baby Bow Bundle, unless otherwise stated.

  1. FREE copy of Ryan Pilling’s “Jokery Pokery” Jumbo Card Trick, including custom cards, and full instructions. $20 Retail Value.

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  1. Cosmo

    Hey Ryan!
    Great campaign! So professional and a very commercial, usable item! What is your expected delivery date?


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