Project Rules

What kind of project can you post for funding on Trickstarter?

Pretty simple really, just about anything related to performance magic (that means, not “black magic or the occult).
We welcome and support projects from a variety of magic categories related to magic, mentalism, escape-ism etc: Props, tricks, utility devices, books, pamphlets, playing cards, electronics, magic media (such as instructional DVD’s and in SOME cases downloadables) periodicals, (want to start your own magazine?) just about anything that you might find in a “magic shop”.

On the fringe: Some creations may not necessarily be props, tricks or magic media, but MIGHT qualify anyway, for example, apparel, posters, art related to magic, or other paraphernalia that magicians and such might like to own!

Other subjects that MAY qualify, items within the related performance arts: Projects related to performance hypnotism, juggling, balloon artistry. All projects are subject to approval, but it doesn’t hurt to ask or try!

Please do NOT submit projects that are OBVIOUSLY not related to magic in any way.  If you’ve created a board game, wrote a cookbook, or have invented a better mousetrap… we recommend exploring other crowdfunding sites!


Please don’t try to create a project selling tickets to your show or to get bookings!
However, if you’d like to fund a lecture tour, produce a show, consulting services or other things that may be “non-tangible” it may be acceptable! Do your best not to waste your time or ours with these submissions.

Follow a simple concept, you have something you wish to do or produce, related to magic that you need funding for, and you can offer a product, or service to your backers for their support.


Please don’t just present vague ideas. We require that you’ve gotten a prototype of some sort made to show that you’re at the stage of needing funding. Please don’t just talk about a concept that you’re not ready to actually produce. do your research, tell your backers how you’re going to produce the item, what the money is for and show them that you’re actually prepared to create the product! We may request more information before approving your project.

Be willing to disclose details to trickstarter staff and representatives.

Before approving your project, we may ask you to fully disclose your project, how you plan to fulfill the orders and/or manufacture the product.  We promise not to disclose your proprietary information, secrets or methods to anyone outside of our staff or consultants.  We’re happy to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) at your request.
We want to ensure a successful project for both you the creator and the backers.  Perhaps you plan on making a deck of cards and have never done it. Once we see your project from behind the scenes, we might notice that you’re not asking for enough money due to our experience with creating decks of cards. Or you may be offering delivery time that is not realistic. We’re only here to help and to protect both the creator and backers from any potential problems.


Do not attempt to duplicate someone else’s product without their permission.

Be prepared to offer proof of ownership on the item, research and be prepared to offer your research and information. Understand that we too MAY choose to research your project if we feel there may be ethical concerns.

Something, a product an item, a download, SOMETHING should change hands for your backers support.  usually it’s a physical item such as a trick or prop, a deck of cards, or a publication but it COULD be a service such as consulting etc. Don’t ask for help paying your rent or mortgage! Don’t ask for funding and offer part ownership or some sort of return. This isn’t a site where you can seek investors!

Projects must be clearly and honestly presented. Our approval process cannot be responsible for your project’s integrity but if we feel you’re misrepresenting the project’s limitations or abilities (deliberately or otherwise), we will reject your submission.

Please be as thorough as possible, although we’re not responsible for making sure you ask for the right amount, or actually know how to produce what your project, if we see anything that has glaring flaws, we may reject the project or ask for a more thorough submission.  if we do we’re only trying to help you!

NO RE-SELLERS is for the creation of new projects, continuing to fund projects in the works, or re-releasing existing projects/products.
Don’t bother trying to just resell items you can get for wholesale, or used items. You’re wasting your time and ours and your submission will be rejected.

Research anything you are producing to be sure that it doesn’t include prohibited items. Examples would be weapons and flammables.  any of THESE THINGS aren’t allowed…

Stating some of these “rules” may seem silly and unnecessary, but we’re putting these things in writing here in hopes to save you time and effort, as well as ourselves!