Preparing for a successful project!

Congrats! Here are some things you should know, and what to expect when it’s over!

Project timeline:

Once you’ve launched you’re project will appear in your dashboard, under the tab, “my projects”.

Hovering your mouse over the project thumbnail (image) will make four icons appear.

Edit Project

This takes you to the same project page that you were in when you were creating the project.
You can edit information, add new levels or post updates here.

View Project

This takes you to your “live” project.

Upload File

Disregard this it is not used in your projects.

Export Orders

This will allow you to download an CSV file (spreadsheet file) that includes all of your backers and their information.
IMPORTANT! We HIGHLY recommend NOT downloading this file until the project is OVER. Here’s why:
As the project goes on, the spreadsheet file is being updated. If you download the file before the project is over, they system will create a NEW file, and will do that EVERYTIME you download the file. This isn’t any kind of a problem but can be a bit confusing and an inconvenience.

If you end up with multiple spreadsheets, you’ll need to download them all, and then compile/combine the information from each of them to make sure that you don’t miss any backers information etc.

Once again, it doesn’t actually hurt anything to download the .CSV file before the project is over, but it can make it a little bit confusing.

With that said… there are reasons why you MIGHT want to download the .CSV file BEFORE the project is over:

If you want to prepare shipping labels before the project campaign is over, if you want to send a message to specific backers and need their email address etc. or if you want to see the details of your backers and the rewards they’ve chosen etc. Just remember that this breaks up your end report into multiple files and you’ll need to be sure to download them all at the end.

Preparing for the end…

Woah! That sounds GRIM!

Hah hah! We’re just talking about the end of your project!

When the project ends you’ll have some things to do, so that you know what to expect we recommend that you look over “what’s next” before the project is over….

If you have ANY other questions about running your own campaign, please contact us!


Cosmo Solano