How to: Support

Supporting a project is easy!

First browse the projects and find one you like, by clicking “projects” in site main menu:

Once you’ve found a project you like, Thoroughly read through the project description, watch the videos and understand what’s being offered.

Once you decide you want to “support” the project, look over the “rewards” and choose one. (A reward is what you’ll get for your $$$ when you support the project.  (Here, you see two “reward levels”. For $1, you get ONE copy of the trick, for $2 you get a two!)

You can click on the reward level itself, OR you can click on the big green “SUPPORT NOW” button at the top of the page.  (If you click on the support now button, you’ll choose your specific reward from a drop down menu.)

From there, you’ll be taken to the check out page, where you can put in your payment information!

What to expect after you support a project

Remember that you’re not “ordering” an item from a site like Amazon. You’re “supporting” the creation of a new item/product! The “creator” will need time to collect the funds (which doesn’t happen til the project ends) and get the product manufactured or produced etc. So you’ll need to be patient and wait for all that to happen!
Each project will have an “expected delivery date” which is approximately when the Creator expects to ship the item(s) to you. PLEASE READ THE RULES AND TERMS SECTION on this site!

Creator’s are responsible for doing as they promise and supporters are responsible to understand what the terms and rules are! Essentially, once you’ve supported a project, the transaction is between you and the Creator. Trickstarter does not manufacture or produce products, we’re just a platform that allows others to do so!

Now become a TRUE supporter!

Now that you’re a part of the project, you’ll want to spread the word! Tell everyone you can about it so that it gets funded and you can assure that you’ll get that awesome new product or effect you want!

Remember if the project doesn’t meet it’s goal it won’t get funded and you won’t be able to get the awesome trick or item that you wanted!