How to: CREATE

To create a project (or back a project) you must first register (become a Trickstarter member)

It’s FREE, takes just a minute and we don’t use your info for anything other than your membership!

Once you’re registered you’ll have a “Dashboard” of your own.

In your Dashboard, click on the “create project” tab.

* Important: You MUST choose “100% threshhold” for your project or it will be rejected for amendment.
Under Campaign end options, Choose CLOSE ON END

Fill in project name, and goal amount. (How much do you need to make the project a reality?)
Choose an appropriate catagory. If the catagory you need doesn’t exist, let us know and we’ll create it for you!
(send an email to cosmosolano @ gmail . com)

The start and end date will determine how long your campaign (project) runs.
We recommend 30 days but you can do it for as little as 1 day to 90 days.

Projects for longer than 90 days will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT: For campaign end options select “close on end”. (do not select leave open)

Project Details

Project Short Description:
Think of this as an “ad” for your project.  This is what people will see when they’re browsing the site!
Project Video:
It is HIGHLY recommended that you create a video for your project (see video tips (coming soon) elsewhere on this site) You will need to upload your video to an outside video site, such as youtube or vimeo. Once you do, cut and paste your video’s URL here. (once again we’ll show you how in the video tips section coming soon!)

Project Long Description:
Put in all the details here, you’ll be allowed to use many different formatting options (similar to a word document where you can use BOLD, Italics, change font sizes, headers etc.
You an also include images, links, bullet lists and much more. This is the section you may want to just play around in until you get familiar with it.

(Don’t worry, this is all a draft until you’re ready to submit it, so GO FOR IT!)

Project FAQ:
Put together a list of questions you might think people will have for you regarding your project.
Q: does this trick require sleight of hand?
A: Yes. You’ll need to know how to vanish a small object.

Project Images/featured Image
Choose an image for your product, this is what people will see when browsing through the projects. Choose wisely! This is the most important image, and will help “sell” your project to supporters!

This is where it gets fun…
A reward level is how the supporter decides to “back” your project. You can have only ONE or as many as you wish. Number of Levels:
Decide how many levels you think you’ll have (more on that below) This number can be changed at any time.

Lets imagine you only have ONE level for now:
You have a new magic box. You want to offer it for $10 and that’s it.
Each reward level has THREE parts: Level Title, Price and Limit.

Level Title: MAGIC BOX
Level Price: $10.00
Level Limit: This depends on if you wish to limit how many boxes you want to offer. Leaving it BLANK (or with a zero) means there’s NO LIMIT to the number of people who can give you $10 for your MAGIC BOX.

One reason may be that you only have the ability to make a certain number of the MAGIC BOXES.
The other (more common) reason would be you want to offer a limited number of MAGIC BOXES at a special price to get people excited and involved.
So perhaps you put your MAGIC BOX level price at $8 instead of $10, but you want to limit the number at that price to 10 units. Once TEN people support that level, it shuts off (sold out).
This is commonly used in “early bird” levels, once again, to try and entice people to act now!

If you choose to do an early bird level as mentioned above, then you’ll want to have a DUPLICATE reward level but for the higher price. Otherwise, there’s no incentive to hurry and get in on the great price!

Level Description:
Each level has a SHORT and LONG description, (just like the main project does.)
Short. Keep it simple and short like a heading or title. (ONE MAGIC BOX)
Long: You can add the details here with pictures, fancy formatting etc. (One magic box, hand made, painted with gold metallic paint, etc etc.) Don’t get too carried away here as there’s only so much space in each reward level and you want your campaign to look neat and tidy!

You may choose to have MORE reward levels. Below is an example of this…
Level #1 ONE MAGIC BOX $10

We recommend that you figure out how many reward levels you have BEFORE you start building your campaign. Even though you can change, the levels all you want while in draft mode, it’s easiest to know how many levels you’ll have before you start.


Once you save your draft you’ll be automatically taken back to the top of the edit project page and you’ll see this:

If you click on the word “here” you can view what your project will look like. Once again, don’t worry no one can see your project but you while it’s in draft mode.
In order to go “live” with your project and start getting funded, you’ll need to submit for review.
Allow up to a week for the review to be approved or denied.  If we deny your project, we’ll give you details why, and how to fix it to resubmit!