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DIY Making a CUSTOM 3d model in tinkercad Part 2

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make an actual PART in Tinkercad. this is the actual part I made for owners of the Ron Bell close up tables. Its not something you’ll likely need, but an example of how Tinkercad works. Tweet

DIY: Creating a 3d model in Tinkercad

If you’ve ever wanted to create something with a 3d printer or at the very least, “visualize” your idea in 3 dimensional form, tinkercad online 3d modeling software may be for you! here’s a BEGINNER video on how to CREATE in Tinkercad! Tweet

DIY: Making custom playing cards

How to print your own custom playing cards Thanks to Adam Borderline for sharing (reluctantly!!) the following: The process to do this is complicated and time consuming, but worth it if you need something custom and quickly. (especially if you only need a few cards!) Tweet

Custom PROTOTYPE playing cards

How to get PROTOTYPE playing cards professionally printed: I’ve made camera worthy, and “even in the hands” worthy, custom, single decks of cards for taking video and photo’s of my spectrum decks, as well as other effects that I’ve put on the market. If you need custom made GOOD quality decks or playing cards, in LOW quantities for prototypes andread more

Custom Cards from USPCC

How to get 2500 Custom made HIGH QUALITY playing cards If you need custom made cards for a finished project, (meaning not for prototypes) Jason Baney, creator of Card Kinetics shared the following link: For Prototypes, to experiment or test out your card effect ideas, you can get SINGLE decks made any way you want, (you have to designread more