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Cosmo’s Magic Theater USPCC PLAYING CARDS


by Cosmo Solano

High Quality Souvenir Deck of Playing Cards For Cosmo's Magic Theater in Colorado

7.83% Funded
0Days Left

Ribbon Cards


by Greg

The Comedy Stage Version of the 52-on-One Card Trick with a Surprise Magical Finish

Atlanta, GA
7.88% Funded
0Days Left


General Magic

by Cosmo Solano

Spectator dials Emergency Magic Service to reveal their selection!

280% Funded
0Days Left

Tortoise Trio

Close Up Magic

by Randi

A remake of the lost trick Turtle Trio.

101.90% Funded
0Days Left


Card Tricks

by Cosmo Solano

An old principle re-invented for the performing magician.

126.50% Funded
0Days Left



by Mike

A full comedy stage routine in which your volunteer becomes a Superstar!

60% Funded
0Days Left

Perfect Cents

Close Up Magic

by Cosmo Solano

Amount of pocket change in your pocket matches the number named by the spectator!

530.40% Funded
0Days Left

Cubed Card

Close Up Magic

by Mike

Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects using a Single Business Sized Card!

133.87% Funded
0Days Left

Baby Bow – Pro Comedy Magic Routine


by Ryan Pilling

Classic comedy gags with a magical ending! A laugh-packed routine delivered with professional quality props.

Calgary, Canada
186.67% Funded
0Days Left


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